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KALOKURA is a Shamanic & Evolutionary Astrologer,  Somatic Educator, Sacred Sound & Cacao practitioner and a Guide/mentor into Temple Healing Arts for Women. My business, Kalokura Astrology & the Golden Rose Temple, embody my commitment to facilitating transformative experiences and guide you into walking through your Life with Purpose. I am passionate about deepening Self-awareness and activating a sense of Aliveness in the body. I want you to embody your Truth and feel completely free to be yourself. I want you to find the power in your vulnerability, to soften into Life. We need more heart-centered, regulated, liberated and empowered humans in the world. Life is a sensual experience. We have been severed from the Sacredness of the Body, from Nature, from our sensuality which is pure Life Force, over centuries. It is time to bring all of our parts Home. To come back into wholeness.



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21 days online guidance dedicated to Women and Sacred Feminine Arts


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Since I was a child I have never stopped traveling, questioning and studying life. I was drawn to holistic health, spirituality and shamanism as a teenager already. Having lived in and visited Central and South America many times, as well as some places of Africa (where my paternal Ancestry is from), I delved and initiated into ancestral healing practices, fusing ancient wisdom with contemporary insights. Eight years spent in the Mayan lands of Guatemala deeply influenced me, nurturing a profound connection with Nature and indigenous teachings. There I discovered the Medicine of Cacao and have been working with that plant ever since. I never stop studying and expanding my understanding of Life. The last 15 years of my Life have been dedicated to shamanic and spiritual studies and the Gnostic Path (Self knowledge). Now back in Switzerland (my birth place), nestled at the foot of the Alps, I continue to draw inspiration from the mountains, forests and rivers and the Medicine of my European Ancestry through the study of herbs, rites, healing foods and deep meditation in nature. We all come from the Earth and Wisdom is everywhere.


As I passed my mid 20s I started to become very aware of my Body, my sexuality and my experience of being in a Woman body. I witnessed my relationship patterns, limiting shaming beliefs, people pleasing tendencies and toxic power dynamics. The complexity of Love and Power brought me into potent Shadow Work explorations and forced me to learn bounderies, self respect, the power of vulnerability, responsability and Honesty. I burnt myself down so many times, submitted to painful initiation path and pushed all possible boundaries of my body until I experienced a Radical wake up call to look at the collective and inherited masculine - feminine distortions I was carrying. From walking through life as an over-independent Warrior woman, I went to find the delicate empowered softness and sensual sacredness of the Woman. I started a path of softening. I learnt to embody my Truth, set boundaries and free my Voice. For now 8 years I have studied Sacred Woman healing Arts through the Mystical Rose and Tao Shakti Lineages, as well as received various Ancestral Teachings. I trained at the Somatic Healing Institute for Women, The Desert Rose Mystery School and deeply explored the Teachings of : Sacred Woman - A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit Shamanic Womb Awakening Womb Yoga The Myrrophore Lineages Sacred Dance and more…



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